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2017 NAMI Georgia Conference Presentations

The 2017 NAMI Georgia Conference was fantastic! Here are presentation materials from some of our speakers. Take a look, and join us next year!

NAMIGeorgia Social Media Toolkit
Palmer Hipp

The Gold Standard of Mental Health in Georgia
Andrew Lord

Inside the World of PANDAS OCD – A Parent’s Perspective
Anne McSweeny

Mental Health for Non-Mental Health Professionals
Bill Kissell

Tiny House Development for Vulnerable Populations, Less Really is More!
Cindy Murphy Kelley

CIT IS Community: Clarke County Partners
Katie McFarland, Kristen Daniel, Robie Cochran

Recovery Rocks the Family Tree!
Carol Coussons del Reyes

PTSD Research
Heather Beitz

To Live Like I Wasn’t Dying…
Kelli Dickerson

Measuring the Immeasurable: Understanding the Emotional Impact of Volunteering
Krystal Ladue

Advocacy, Health and Wellness, as a Measurement of Patient Experience
Mary Lou Pittman

Savannah Chatham Mental Health Court
Judge Penny Haas Freeseman

The Federal Policy Agenda for People Living With Mental Illness and Their Families
Andrew Sperling


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