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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training


WHAT IS CIT? The Georgia Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program is a collaboration of professionals committed to assisting persons with behavioral health disorders (mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease and addictive disease).

This collaboration includes local members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), mental health service providers, individuals in mental health recovery, family members, law enforcement officers and members of the judicial system.

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  •  Train law enforcement officers to safely respond to persons in behavioral health crisis.
  •  Protect the rights of people with behavioral health disorders.
  • Ensure that people with behavioral health disorders receive treatment in lieu of incarceration, when appropriate.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of behavioral health services.
  • Promote training for criminal justice system personnel on mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, and addictive disease.


The mission of the Georgia Crisis Intervention Team Program is to equip Georgia law enforcement officers with the skills to recognize and assist people with behavioral health disorders in crisis, thereby advancing public safety and reducing stigma.

The Georgia Crisis Intervention Team Program is committed to assisting persons with behavioral health disorders in every Georgia community, with a goal of having at least one trained officer each shift in every law enforcement agency in Georgia.

As a part of the continuum of care, CIT is a central member of a team of community stakeholders working to build and provide sustainable infrastructures that offer an array of supports, services and resources that promote mental wellness and recovery. The most important aspect of the CIT Program is the training provided to law enforcement officers on effectively and humanely interacting with persons with behavioral health disorders.

The training is a 40-hour, five day curriculum that is approved by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Council. It is comprised of both classroom instruction and practical exercises delivered by mental health professionals, other subject matter experts and CIT law enforcement instructors.

The class features clinical classroom instructions, practical de-escalation role play exercises, lived experiences of consumers and family members, and site visits to local emergency receiving facilities, state psychiatric hospitals and other treatment, recovery and support facilities.

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