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MHAT Training Details

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RESA Training Detail Specs

  • Training request details

    Thank you for submitting a Mental Health Awareness Training request. Your form has been submitted for processing.

    Please complete the following form to support the scheduling details.

    If you are unable to complete this portion of the request, please save this form to continue at a later time.

  • Location

    Please provide the following information about the training space.
  • Please describe the parking situation as well as any special instructions for the trainer.
  • Please provide any additional information or special instructions regarding the location including directional assistance, on-site procedures, etc. that will be beneficial for our presenter. If there are no additional instructions, please reply N/A.
  • Training Space

  • Please describe the layout of the room including but not limited to table and chair layout (i.e. classroom style, u-shape, rows, etc.), flexibility of table/chair layout, etc.
  • Please provide as much detail about the technology available in the room including presentation screen location(s), availability of electrical outlets, internet access information, etc.
  • Access

    Please complete the following questions to assist our presenter with training room access on the day of the event.

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