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NAMI Family-to-Family Teachers: 6th Edition Coming Soon

The 6th  edition of NAMI Family-to-Family (F2F) will be released after July of 2019

  • It will include updated research, slide decks, more interaction, and more activities; and will fully-incorporate the videos released in May of 2018
  • The course will be 8 sessions long (matches the length of NAMI Peer-to-Peer)
  • Content is being combined or spread out over multiple classes to accommodate this change
  • Core elements will remain the same

As was done in NAMI Homefront (and later NAMI Basics), there will be a General Resources section listing websites and books, so participants can better assist their loved ones as they make decisions that are best for their individual situation

Teacher and trainer manuals will need to be replaced. NAMI has received a grant that will help to offset the cost of replacing manuals in the field. NAMI will be piloting the new manuals and training in the summer of 2019. The participant manual will be a workbook-style binder with space to take notes.
Teachers/trainers won’t need to attend a weekend training again, but they will need to complete a webinar to teach the revised version of the course.

Any teacher trainings or classes offered before the summer of 2019, can safely use the 2014 version of the materials. It will take time to shift to the new version of the curriculum. NAMI asks that states and affiliates make the transition to the new material by mid-2020.

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