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New NAMI Membership Dues Structure

A new NAMI membership and dues structure will take effect July 1, 2017. Many of the questions asked during the call are covered in the two important FAQs below and you can send questions to

Some technical tasks to remember:

  • No one can begin charging the new dues rates before July 1.  The focus of your time now is:
    • messaging to your members
    • preparing all the supporting pieces that reflect membership
    • updating membership forms, brochures and on affiliate and state websites.
  • NAMI suggests, for affiliates currently uploading documents to the Profile Center, to upload the current version of your membership materials for us to review.  If the affiliate is ahead of the game, and they have documents reflecting the new membership information they can upload those and we will let them know they are ready to use on July 1.
  • Affiliates finished with re-affiliation and have an Affiliate Agreement should plan to upload their new membership materials to their Profile Center.  NAMI will communicate with them as July approaches with a deadline to upload those materials.
  • If your state or affiliate bylaws mirrors the language in the NAMI bylaws you should be fine.  The NAMI bylaws state:

“A member may be one individual or a family of individuals living in one household   that is counted as one for the purposes of paying dues and voting”

  • Start with the affiliate’s bylaws as you begin an affiliate’s document review to make sure the membership piece as well as all the other bylaws requirements are good to go.  Go directly to the bylaws section of the Re-Affiliation Documentation Review Guide, updated January 2017 and answer all the check boxes with questions about the affiliate’s bylaws.
  • While the state/affiliate bylaws may not need to be changed, NAMI is requiring you to change your printed materials to say household and not family.  They are not the same.  The NAMI Board chose household to be more inclusive and to simplify the distribution of benefits.

What is the default dues split?  If the state does not inform NAMI of its dues split with affiliates, NAMI will use the default dues split.  Watch for a communication from NAMI requesting your state dues split with affiliates.  NAMI’s default dues split is:

  • Open Door – $1 NAMI; $2 state and $2 affiliate
  • Regular membership – $10 NAMI; $15 state; $15 affiliate
  • Household membership – $20 NAMI; $20 state; $20 affiliate

NAMI is not increasing its share on open door or regular memberships – we are passing along all the benefit of the increase dues rates to states and affiliates.

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