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Explore the links above, to see a description of each of our programs. A few excellent programs offered by non-NAMI organizations are included on these page, identified in the listing with the name of the owning organizations.

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Summary of NAMI Programs by Target Audience

Target Audience Program / Type of Training
Middle and high-school students
Middle and high school staff
Families, parents and other caregivers of middle and high school students.
Ending the Silence Presentation
General public In Our Own Voice Presentation
College students NAMI On-Campus Club
Parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents who are experiencing mental health challenges Basics Class
Family members, partners and loved ones, of people who are experiencing mental health challenges Friends & Family Class (Introduction – 4 hr.)
Family-to-Family Class
Family Support Group
Adults living in recovery with mental health challenges Peer-to-Peer Class
In Our Own Voice Presenter
NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group
Family members and loved ones supporting military service members and veterans living in recovery with mental health challenges Homefront Class
Adults who interact with youth (law enforcement, educators, mental health providers, counselors, faith leaders, and other community members) Social-Emotional and Mental Health Development for Children and Teens (SIGNALS)
Youth in Crisis (CIT-Y)
First responders (law enforcement, medics, clergy, hospital personnel, security officers, and other community partners) Introduction to Behavioral Health and Addictive Diseases (8-hr. or 16-hr.)
Mental Health Advocates NAMI Smarts for Advocacy

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