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You Can Make a Difference – Protect Mental Health in the State Budget!

Funding for Georgia mental health services is facing dramatic cuts in the 2021 state budget. Current levels are unacceptably low, and further reduction will mean hardship for thousands of Georgians affected by mental illness and their families. Your voice can make a difference in advocating against these cuts.

NAMI Georgia asks that you consider calling BOTH THE SENATE AND HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE MEMBERS about proposed cuts.

  • Please begin by THANKING the legislator for doing a thankless task.
  • Then tell them you are calling about the DBHDD budget and that BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES are essential and should be restored.
  •  Your personal story is very powerful.  Briefly share your experience: How have services helped you? How would you be impacted by cuts?


  • NAMI Georgia’s FY21 Budget One-Sheet – Send to your legislators!
  • One Voice,  A Georgia Advocate’s Guide to Protecting Behavioral Health Funding
  • List of Appropriation Committee Members with Contact Info


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