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Recovery is possible! We do not define ourselves by an illness, but by our goals, hopes, and dreams.  We believe that hope for recovery should be reflected in all treatments, services, and supports.


The recovery journey is unique for each individual.  One of the most important principles of recovery is that recovery is a process, not an event.  The uniqueness and individual nature of recovery must be honored.

For NAMI, recovery is a foundational principle.  While serious mental illness impacts individuals in many challenging ways, the concept that all individuals can move towards wellness is paramount.

Specific NAMI initiatives developed to help the process of recovery are:

NAMI Georgia Recovery Council: Consumer leaders building a strong, recovery-oriented, mental health community in Georgia.

Peer-to-Peer Class: an 8-session, experiential, illness management and wellness educational course taught by people in recovery, for people living with mental illness.

NAMI-Connection Support Group: support groups for consumers, led by peers in recovery.

In Our Own Voice Presentations: a public awareness program in which trained NAMI members living with mental illness offer one-hour presentations to community groups.

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