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Brian’s Story

BrianWMy name is Brian W. I am an individual who lives with a mental health diagnosis. I am a member of NAMI-Moultrie; an Affiliate in The NAMI Georgia Chapter. I was born, raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan , and have experienced the many hardships Mentally, Socially, Physically, and Spiritually that come along with a serious Mental Health Disorder. I lost a lot of things during my darkest days: Family, Friends, Jobs, Housing, Finances and relationships but worse of all was losing myself.

I am thankful to NAMI as it was two Family to Family members who supported my mother in her efforts to seek out and retain effective Mental Health Treatment and proper supports for me. With those two valuable necessities along with Willingness, Hope, Courage, and Perseverance I was well on my way.

I now live in Beautiful Moultrie, Georgia ‘ The City Of Southern Living ‘ where it is my hope to Pay it Forward every day!

NAMI affords me the opportunity to be of maximum service to the Peer Community in many ways. I am a Member of the NAMI Georgia Consumer Steering Council. I also head up nine NAMI Connections Facilitators in Our Affiliate and we conduct 14 Connections Support Groups a Month serving over 260 Peers in the Community and Institutions. I also belong to The NAMI Southwestern Georgia IOOV Team were I share my life experience with Peers, Family Members, Providers, Government/ Law enforcement and Concerned Citizens. I also recently completed Peer Support Training with The CPS Project in Tifton, Georgia and sit for testing to become Certified as a Peer Specialist in our great state in late August . It is my greatest intention to use the skills and certification obtained make a positive impact and difference in the way we as a Region view Mental Illness, and to aid/support those living with a diagnosis in fulfilling their hopes and dreams as they relate to recovery.

My Motto:

Either I Will Find A Way Or I’ll Make A Way !

Brian W

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