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Resources for NAMI Program Leaders

1) Request Authorization for a Class, Presentation, or Support Group

Program Authorization Request Form (Online)
Program Authorization Request Form (Printable)

Advanced notice of at least a month is required for Family to Family, BASICS, HomeFront & Peer to Peer classes, 2 weeks advanced notice is required for Ending The Silence, Family Support Group, Connections, and SMARTS, and 3 days is required for In Our Own Voice in order to ensure adequate time to print and ship materials.

2) Print a blank roster form and ask attendees to sign in at each session

Support Group

3) Return rosters, data survey form, and reimbursement request (optional) to NAMI Georgia

Data Survey Form
Invoice Form for Contractors

4) Report attendance data to NAMI online

  • Report program data through NAMI 360 if you have been granted NAMI 360 access by your affiliate or state organization. (Instructions)
  • If you do not have access to NAMI 360, please report program data through the User Portal. (Instructions)

Other Resources for Program Leaders

NAMI Extranet Resource Guide

If you are interested in finding out more about NAMI 360, please contact your affiliate leaders or the NAMI Georgia Affiliate Coordinator at

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